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Footsteps of Faith: A Biblical Exploration of Egypt

February 9–21, 2025

Starting at $7500

Optional Alexandria Pre Tour: February 7–9, 2025, starting at $870

Optional Sinai Post Tour: February 21–24, 2025, starting at $1080

Explore Egypt's rich biblical and archaeological heritage with Bible scholar Madelon Maupin. While Egypt is mentioned almost 600 times in the Bible, we often think of it only as a slave-holding civilization finally disrupted by God’s direction of Moses. On this trip, you’ll learn how Egypt was also a place of refuge and protection. Explore Egypt’s connection with Biblical figures such as Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Jeremiah, and Jesus.

Trip highlights include the grandeur of the pyramids, the splendor of Luxor's temples, and the mystery of the Valley of the Kings. Sailing on a dahabiya will also provide a unique and intimate experience on the Nile, with stops at historical sites like Edfu, Silsila Mountain, and Kom Ombo Temple. The Nile journey concludes in Aswan, with visits to Elephantine Island and a Nubian village, offering a deep dive into the region's history and culture.


Main Tour: 12 Nights/13 Days
Pre Tour: 2 Nights/3 Days
Post Tour: 3 Nights/4 Days

Activity Level

This tour's activity level is classified as Moderate, indicating a moderate level of physical exertion. Walking is an integral aspect of this trip, and participants should be in relatively good health to fully enjoy the experience. Engaging in a demanding daily schedule of physical activities is expected, which may include walking distances of 3-5 miles, navigating stairs and uneven terrain, and embarking/disembarking from motor vehicles and boats.

In some ports, dahabiyas may be moored side by side, necessitating crossings with gaps between them. Guests undertake such crossings at their own risk, with crew assistance recommended. During rough weather, movement on the ship should be minimized due to potentially slippery surfaces.

The optional post tour to Sinai may involve climbing in the Sinai Mountains for approximately 3-4 hours at an altitude of 7750 feet.

While alternative, more leisurely options may be available for certain activities, travelers should be prepared for an active trip.

Meet Your Trip Scholar

Madelon grew up in Tulsa, OK, and graduated from Principia College with a BA in biblical studies. She later received a Master of Theological Studies from San Francisco Theological Seminary, focused on biblical studies. Over a five-year period, she served as Cultural Historian/Lecturer for Princess Cruises for their trips to the Middle East and biblical lands. 

In 2012, Madelon started BibleRoads, a Biblical education company for spiritual seekers, regardless of their church or non-church backgrounds. 

Madelon served as a Trustee at Adventure Unlimited and on the National Ecumenical Team for The Christian Science Church. She was a founding Trustee of The New Theological Seminary of the West and has written 70+ articles for magazines on spirituality, including podcasts.

Madelon was a trip scholar on the Principia Lifelong Learning trip to Greece and Turkey in 2023.


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February 7-9: Optional Pre Tour to Alexandria
February 9: Arrive in Cairo, Egypt
February 10: Cairo
February 11: Cairo
February 12: Cairo/Luxor
February 13: Luxor
February 14: Luxor
February 15: Edfu
February 16: Besaw Island, Silsila Mountain
February 17: Aswan
February 18: Aswan
February 19: Aswan, Elephantine Island (Optional tour to Abu Simbel)
February 20: Cairo
February 21: Cairo
February 21-24: Optional Post Tour to Sinai