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Upper School Reunion Highlights


It was one magical weekend as more than 300 Upper School alumni and guests came to campus to celebrate September 27–30, 2023. Over the course of Reunion Weekend, alumni explored every corner of campus (both old and new), gathered for classes and talks, cheered on the Panthers, and shared plenty of hugs and high fives! 

Who Celebrated?

10th: 2013, 2014
20th: 2003, 2004
25th: 1998, 1999
30th: 1993, 1994
35th: 1988, 1989
40th: 1983, 1984
45th: 1978, 1979
50th: 1973, 1974
55th: 1968, 1969
60th: 1963, 1964
65th: 1958, 1959
70th: 1953, 1954
75th: 1948, 1949
80th: 1943, 1944

Weekend Photos

Want to see more highlights from this year's Upper School Reunion? Check out all the photos by clicking on the photo album below.

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Class Photos

Reunion Weekend wouldn't be complete without "official" class photos! Check 'em out by clicking on the photo album below.