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Reunion Playlists

Get in the groove with these custom-compiled playlists! Please add your favorite songs from your Upper School years to our reunion playlists—or, if you’re more dancer than DJ, just play these at high volume for a living room dance party as you prep to join us in St. Louis for Reunion 2023!

How to add songs to your class playlist

It couldn’t be easier: Click on your class’s Spotify playlist and add songs. All playlists are collaborative, which means anyone with a Spotify account can add songs—no need to pay!

Mobile users: Click on the “Add Songs” button above the track listing. Then search by artist, song title, album, or even year!

Web users: Once you click on your class playlist, you’ll need to “like” the playlist by clicking on the heart button next to the green Play button. Once you’ve liked the playlist, it will be added to your playlists. You can now search for a song (use the magnifying glass on the left hand side); once you’ve found the song you like, hover your mouse over the title, and three dots will appear on the right side of the song run-time. Click those three dots, select “Add to playlist,” and your reunion playlist should come up in the list!

Just want to play the playlist for a dance party?

Click on any of the playlists below and relive the great music of your Upper School days! Click the icon of the reunion playlist and Spotify will pop up. If you don’t have a Spotify account, you will need to create one, and a free Spotify account will work just fine!

Classes of 2013 & 2014

Classes of 2003 & 2004

Classes of 1998 & 1999

Classes of 1993 & 1994

Classes of 1988 & 1989

Classes of 1983 & 1984

Classes of 1978 & 1979

Classes of 1973 & 1974

Classes of 1968 & 1969

Classes of 1963 & 1964

Classes of 1958 & 1959

Classes of 1953 & 1954