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Childcare & Prin Camp

Childcare and Prin Camp are offered as a full weekend package or per evening. Children registering for these programs do not need to be registered for the full Reunion package.

Childcare (Ages 0–6)

The Childcare Program offers a warm, caring, and fun-filled experience for young children. Experienced adults provide care, with time for swimming, organized games, art projects, and other age-appropriate activities. Children stay with families in the Family Dorm each night and eat breakfast and dinner with you. Lunches and Saturday dinner are provided at the Childcare Center, so parents can enjoy reunion activities. Childcare continues after dinner until midnight on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Children may be picked up at any time during the day and returned to the Childcare Center as needed.

Prin Camp (Ages 7–14)

Staffed by experienced and enthusiastic camp directors and counselors, this overnight camp offers children an outstanding and enriching weekend program. Prin Camp begins before dinner on Thursday and ends Sunday morning. Campers and staff have all meals together. A wide variety of activities are planned, including swimming, daily adventures, and trips to local attractions.


Childcare or Prin Camp full weekend: $75 per child
Childcare or Prin Camp single night: $25 per child