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1983 Women's Tennis Team

“Athletics at Principia provide an avenue for spiritual growth and an opportunity to break through limitations and pursue excellence. Our 1983 national championship allowed our light to shine in a larger community." - Lyn Gerber US ’72 C ’76

Led by Coach Lyn Gerber, the 1983 women’s tennis team was undefeated in NCAA Division III competition, resulting in Principia’s only NCAA team championship. Four players received NCAA Division III All-American honors.

Coach: Lyn Gerber US’72 C’76

Team Members: Patricia Hopkins Goodspeed C’86, Suzanne Verheul Kratz C’85, Kristin Martin C’83, Wendy Clark Mortner US’80 C’84, Julie Rhodes Sanderude C’83, Beth Wachtel Saxe C’85, Patricia Suppes C’83, Elenore Clark Victor US’81 C’85

1983 Women's Tennis