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1972 Men's Basketball Team


The 1972 men’s basketball team won their first 12 games and exceeded the 100-point mark four times, with a record 126 points in their highest-scoring game. They ended the season at 16–7, a school record that still stands. Coach Dickinson was named NAIA District 20 Coach of the Year. William “Bird” Nietmann, who averaged 31.7 points per game for a season total of 736 points, received honorable mention as an NCAA DIII All-American. Fellow guard Mike Bushong, with 118 assists and a 16.7-point average, earned All-Conference honors.

Coach: Don Dickinson (C’66), Assistant Coach: Larry Combs (C’65)

Team Members: Jeffrey Bell (US’71, C’75), Mike Bushong (C’74), Derek Dibble (C’74), Bill Dyck (C’74}, Lanny Falls (C’75), Sandy Hargraves (C’72), George Haynes (C’74), Harry “Hal” Hoadley (C’77), Bill Kleines (C’74), Kerry Kotila (C’73), Jeff Lange (US’71, C’77), Ken Leavoy (C’75), Terry McNabb (US’71, C’75), Brad Newsham (US’68, C’72), William “Bird” Nietmann (US’68, C’72), Jeff Platt (C’75), Karl Ryan (C’74)