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1954 Football Team

1954 Football Team

“I admired Coach Mitchell for the way he taught us the game, quietly expecting his team to play the best they could, even though we were always outnumbered and outweighed by our opponents.” Mac Stitt (US’51, C’55)

Undefeated and untied, the 1954 football team won the Prairie College Conference Championship and held opponents to a total of 12 points during the season.

Head Coach: Howard Mitchell (2006 Hall of Fame inductee)

Assistant Coach: Larry Gerber (2008 Hall of Fame inductee)

Team Members: Ty Anderson US’54, C’58, Dayle Baldauf C’56, Don Bishop JC’55, Tom Clark US’54, C’58, Jerry Davison C’58, Jimmy Ellis C’57, Cedric Egeli JC’55, Dick Fork C’57, Bill Glor US’54 C’58, John Gosnell C’58, Joe Grimes C’56, David Grove JC’55, Glen Hall C’55, Pete Hall C’58, Bill Henderson US’50 JC’56, Bob Howell C’58, Dave Hunn C’58, George Krusz C’57, Ron Lamperts C’57, Pete McCandless US’54 C’58, Dave McCrea C’58, Herb Morrison C’55, Bob Morse C’58, Ted Munnecke C’57, Dick Parsons C’56, Tom Paton US’53, C’57, Bob Priddy C’58, Ron Schafer US’53 C’57, Jim Schierholz US’53 C’57, David Seagren C’58, Lynn Simpson C’56, Jerry Smith JC’56, Ted Smith US’49, C’57, Chuck Spangenberg C’58, Bob Stauder C’58, Mac Stitt US’51 C’55, Peter Van D. Stone C’58, Rich Teicher C’58, Channell Wasson US’51 C’55, Tuffy Whitehead JC’56, Bob Wither C’55, Richard Wulff C’58