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1933 Football Team

1933 Football Team

"Athletics can do a great deal for a man - teach lessons which must be learned somehow, sometime." - Earl Stitt US '33 C '37

Undefeated, untied, and never scored upon during regular season play, the 1933 football team’s perfect season was a proud first for Principia.

Led by Coach Bert Clark, the team’s success resulted in many individual honors, including nine players achieving All-Conference recognition.

Coach: Bert Clark JC’24

Assistant Coach: Karl Berninger JC’24

Team Members: William Alexander C’37, Dexter Andrews US’33 C’37, Robert Andrews US’33 C’37, David Andrews US’32 C’36, Donald Benton C’36, Harvey Branigar C’36, Nelson Brewer C’37, Raymond Brittenham US’32 C’36, Edward Brittenham US’32 JC’34, Marvin Conklin C’34, Hans Culmback C’34, Duane Doolittle C’34, Wallace Foote C’36, Richard French C’38, Paul Haines C’37, Carol Higgins C’35, William Kenner US’31 C’35, James Kussmann US’33 C’37, Ralph Leatzow C’35, Richard Miller C’36, Thomas Mills US’33 C’37, William Nahlik US’31 C’35, William Robinson C’37, Robert Schnering C’37, Charles Smelker JC’34, Earl Stitt US’33 C’37, Robert Stitt US’33 C’37, Douglas Swett C’34, Richard Tullis US’30 C’34 (Captain), Thomas Walpole C’37, Richard Clute US’33 C’37 (Manager)