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June 10–24, 2017

Since 1952, Principia College has opened its campus each summer to Christian Scientists from around the world for an inspiring two-week program of fun and enrichment. Join Principia’s community of lifelong learners this June. Don't miss this opportunity for spiritual, academic, and social refreshment. You’ll return home with inspiration to last the whole year through. There's a reason we call it "the perfect vacation!"

Immerse yourself for one week or two in engaging and insightful study of a variety of topics, and enjoy unfettered access to the College's resources, from our well-stocked library to our state-of-the-art fitness center. This is your chance to be a student again and revel in the intellectual stimulation—and fun—of college life . . . this time without papers and grades!

This summer's program includes . . . 

  • A new Bible Focus program featuring Principia faculty Barry Huff, Kathy Merrill, Evan MacDonald, and others
  • The Future of the European Union: Life After the Brexit Vote taught by Principia College political science professor Dr. Brian Roberts
  • Morning metaphysical speakers and evening entertainment including Libby Skala's captivating performance of A Time to Dance.

Whatever your plans for this year, be sure to include Summer Session. We’d love to see you this summer! Registration for this summer's program begins January 9, 2017.

Questions? E-mail or call 618.374.5211.

The Perfect Vacation

Summer Sessioners love connecting with Christian Scientists from across the country—enjoying engaging classes, entertainment, friendship, and more. See highlights from last year’s Summer Session.

Meet a Few of Our Summer Session Faculty

Our exceptional faculty look forward to sharing their expertise on the Bible, history, politics, music, and more.

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