Friday Tours and Trips

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If you'd like to see the sights, choose one of these activities on Friday. The fee is $10/person. Children are welcome to join their parents! 

Missouri Botanical Garden with Anne Bond

Founded in 1859, the 79-acre Missouri Botanical Garden is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the country. Today, it’s a National Historic Landmark, renowned for its Climatron, a geodesic dome housing 1,200 species of plants found in the rainforest. Anne Bond, a garden docent and former Upper School faculty member, will lead you on a tour of the gardens, including the 14-acre Japanese Garden (one of the largest in North America). There will also be time to explore the garden on your own, and you can purchase lunch at Sassafras Café, the garden’s green-certified restaurant.

Downtown St. Louis Architecture Tour with Howie Bay

From its humble beginnings as a French fur trading post to its construction of the nation’s tallest monument, St. Louis has earned its reputation as “the gateway to the West.” Located near the confluence of the country’s two greatest rivers, St. Louis occupies a central place in the historical narrative of the nation. Once the fourth largest city in America, St. Louis rode the crest of its wildly successful 1904 World’s Fair to become a pioneer in architecture, transportation, finance, education, and music throughout the 20th century. Many of these stories of progress can still be told through the city’s architectural treasures and landmarks.

Join former Upper School history teacher Howard Bay as he guides you in and around the buildings, bridges, and sites where history took place. You'll also learn about the architects and innovators who designed the structures you'll visit. Come see why Judy Garland tells us in Meet Me in St. Louis, “Don’t tell me the lights are shining / Any place but there.”

Here are some of the places we'll explore:

  • The Riverfront: Eads Bridge, Gateway Arch, Old Courthouse
  • Downtown: Wainwright Building, Federal Reserve, Old Post Office, Union Station, Campbell House, Public Library
  • Central West End: Cathedral Basilica, Holy Corners, Forest Park 

We will have lunch together at the Triumph Grill, home of the St. Louis Moto Museum. The tour leaves the flagpole at 10 a.m. and returns at 3 p.m.

Saint Louis Art Museum with Clark Beim-Esche

Remember your days in Integrated Arts and trips to the Saint Louis Art Museum? Well, this is your chance to relive that experience—and to see how the museum has expanded its collection and display areas over the years. Revisit some of the statues and paintings you’ll remember from earlier years, and experience the exciting additions the Museum has recently made to its beautiful hilltop location in Forest Park. No quizzes, no tests—just another happy Reunion memory!

Tour the Principia College Campus

Tour the College campus’s newest buildings—including the completely renovated Voney Art Studio—and see our plans for the renovation of Morey Field House. Athletic Facilities Manager Brian Gavaletz will give tours of our newest athletic facilities, the Crafton Center and renovated Hay Field House, which includes Principia College’s Athletic Hall of Fame. If you have not been on the College campus in recent years, you will enjoy seeing all of the new developments and revisiting its historic buildings. Trams will be provided for the tours, and you can purchase lunch at the Pub, home of the famous Pub shake!