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Eligibility and Criteria

Hall of Fame inductees are recognized as distinguished athletes, teams, and coaches who have made exceptional contributions in the field of athletics at Principia College. Every two years, the Gold & Blue Athletic Hall of Fame recognizes inductees during the College’s Homecoming Weekend.

Nominees must fall into one of these three categories:

  • a Principia College alumnus or alumna who earned a varsity letter and displayed outstanding accomplishments and abilities in athletics
  • a former coach who made outstanding contributions to athletics through their coaching at Principia College
  • a Principia College team that had an outstanding record or accomplishment

A committee composed of members of the Alumni and Athletic offices and former Principia College athletes and coaches make the final recipient selections. Nominees must meet the following criteria:

Blue Award

The Blue Award inductees are nominated by their peers as distinguished athletes, teams and coaches who achieved notable and respected levels of performance during their time at Principia College. They are selected by the Advisory Council. The number of Blue Award inductees in each class following the charter year will not exceed six with a maximum of one team and one coach except in the event of a tie.

Gold Award

The Gold Award is a special recognition which may be given to one individual who has demonstrated exceptional character and leadership as a student-athlete at Principia College as well as in life after graduation. The selection for this award is made by the permanent members of the Advisory Council.

Any Principia College alumnus or alumna whose class graduated at least 10 years prior and who achieved outstanding accomplishments or records in athletics is eligible for nomination to the Gold & Blue Athletic Hall of Fame. In addition, eligibility is extended to one individual out of those elected, who graduated at least 5 years prior to the Gold and Blue Athletic Hall of Fame ceremony. Similarly, exceptional teams and distinguished members of the Principia College coaching staff are also eligible for nomination. Teams must be 10 years or older prior to nomination. Any coach must have retired or departed from the College at least two years prior to his or her nomination.

Recipients are selected biennially. Nominees who are not selected in a given year will remain on future ballots for a ten-year period and are eligible for re-nomination.