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What does it take to go from being a kid who loves art to being a leading innovator in a Fortune 100 Company with 7,000 employees on five continents? If you ask Andres De Paz (US’07, C’11), he will humbly tell you his story. As a sophomore in high school, De Paz became the fourth...

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Sylvia Wandahwa (C’12) came to Principia from Kenya with a focus on the sciences, ultimately graduating with a BS in chemistry. Since then, she has found ways to “pay forward” the encouragement and support she felt at the College. “I am where I am today because of the people who saw my potential and invested in me,” she says. “Principia College provided a strong foundation for... Read More

After wrapping up a two-year contract with Google as a Spanish language quality evaluator, Lark Rodman (C’06) began an admittedly lackluster job search. “The idea of finding work with long-term security and enough money to support myself was uninspiring in and of itself and also seemed like a luxury, a privilege unknown to much of the world’s population,” she explains. “What I really wanted was... Read More

A theatre arts major at the College, David Lovegren (US’73, C’77) relocated to Los Angeles after college to work in the film industry. There was no handbook, no predetermined career path; he simply had to learn on his own. Much to his credit, Lovegren charted his course successfully. After working at Disney Studio and producing a number of animated feature films, he is now the... Read More

Aaron Goldsmith (US'02, C'06) is second in command in the radio broadcast booth for the Seattle Mariners baseball team, and he loves every minute of his time there! But he didn’t land his dream job overnight. “Lots of people say that if you do something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life,” Goldsmith comments. “In my experience, nothing could be further from the truth... Read More

When they stepped on campus for freshman orientation, Ryan (Stark) and Jacquelyn (Field) Star (Both C'97) joined over a dozen fellow students who all had a clear goal—becoming an engineer. In choosing a liberal arts college for their education, Ryan and Jacquelyn saw Principia as a path that would not limit their ambitions. “Prin provided a unique forum for self-discovery,”... Read More